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Siān Morgan
United Kingdom
I've always enjoyed art when I was younger but high school and shit ruined that with everything else in life =3= I love yaoi >w<

..Don't judge me. ;3;

I would like to have more friends whom I have more in common ;w; I like anime, (obsessed with FMA and Hetalia x3 ) cookies and unicorns..and..waist coats..I fucking love black waist coats with a white poofy shirt underneath =w= Makes me feel like a pirate...savy? o3o uuuuuuh that's it cause if i keep going i'll just rant on about random shit ;w; So...uh...Hello~ :3

Nyehe~ =w=

(Also I'm gay.. ;w; )
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This is a rant on Assassin's Creed 3 and my feelings towards the game as a whole *SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY PLAYED THIS GAME OR THE PREVIOUS ASSASSIN'S CREED GAMES* You...have been warned e.e~~

Well basically..

I've now finally finished Assassin's Creed 3 and I honestly found it an extreme dissapointment compared the the other games in the Assassin's Creed series, which I admit is my favourite game series so far. Yet this game literally brought me to tears because of the frustration is caused me. I normally have very good patience which is the only main will power I had to actually complete this game, the controls were VERY buggy and caused me alot of problems during the missions I had to go through. The controls in past Assassin's Creed games were simple, yet also complicated in a way that yu pressed more than one button to counter attack, for example. In AC3 the control for counter attacking is just simply 'B', I guess many probably though this was a good thing to how simple it was but I found it more stressing when in combat as the combination of presing more than one button in the middle of fast action combat was very thrilling but you now are more slow-paced in attcking which did cause me to be attcked more often and the get hit more often since the controls sometimes didn't work when even pressed at the right time. The only time I noticed the reactions on the battle sequences was when encountering wolves or when you had to just mash the buttons in order to win. I thought that added part was quite good though as it was different and the mashing added slight thrill and exitement in a timed fight. Yet difference is not always good, like this game shows as it mixes in too many side quests which you don't really acknowlege and you are so focused on main quests and you feel slightly rushed in the game. I guess that's why I thought it shorter than the others. The quest such as collecting the floating pages, I thought this alright when first given the quest but when continuing through the game I felt I had no time for it even though I did. Honestly though I have no intention of completing this game fully as It took all the power I had in me just to finish the actual game.
Although I feel that the good points about this game were that the grapics of the forests and were actually quite beautiful, not improved or defined better since AC: Revelations (which I though was at the peak of quality resolution) but they were quite nice to look at and it's nice to have a wide setting that isn't so glitchy and buggy (like in Skyrim).
Again there were parts I did like such as controlling the ships and the battles at sea  altough I admittedly struggled on the steering at first and also to mention that some parts of the story were very interesting and did peak interest and exitment such as the conflict between Connor and his father (which linked to Desmond and his own father as they are now reunited) but unfortunately that really only showed more to the last few sequences.
Then again I understand that this was probably, in a way, just like the first Assassin's Creed game where it was the start of something new  and was basically like an experiment, for example since the controls were different and 'simplified' (I HATED THESE CONTROLS SO DAMN MUCH I WANTED TO CRY, KEEP CRYING, CRY SOME MORE AND THEN DIE IN A HOLE IN THE GROUND SOMEWHERE) and most other things were different too like adding the games in the inns (I sucked at them so bad..) but even though they gave us a setting were it was like is the previous games you had items to collect and other assassins to recruit and quests for other character (Sofia, I think her name is) and otherside quests to do I feel  no need WHAT SO EVER to do these side quests, I kinda feel like they shouldn't have put some of these things in when you've just started a new story like how in Ezio's trilogy things gradually built up in the games, this was just suddenly pushed into the game as if it were to carry on from before but this is a new game with a new character and I felt like it should have just started with a little less but then again this is the only one time Connor going to be used so I guess they had to make it as a whole game and not leading the character off the another sequel.
I desperately hope Assassins Creed: Black Flag will be better than this one cause this was admittiedly a dissapointment of an AC game compared to Revelations (which was the best game in my opinion) and I hope the do a good job as usual with the graphics and hopefully do better with the controls (fingers crossed!) but I mainly look forward to the story line seeing as how Desmond is supposedly dead, yet we don't know that for sure and maybe we might switch to Abstergo's side? I don't know but I'm really looking forward to seeing how everything turns out.

Well I guess i'm done for now, feel free to point out any mistakes i've made because one does not simply type accuately when ranting o3o
I might fill more in if I think about it, but I would really like to just wash my hands of this game overall.


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